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Truth & Reconciliation Art Trip

In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, Raymond Hatfield, my family, and I traveled across Canada to visit Indigenous communities with the goal of organizing an art exhibition showcasing the work of Indigenous artists from Canada in France. We believed that this approach would provide an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about Indigenous culture, history, and issues on an international platform. Art serves as a potent medium for storytelling and fostering connections among diverse cultures.

Visiting Indigenous communities as part of the Truth and Reconciliation process represents a significant stride toward comprehending the history, culture, and experiences of Indigenous peoples in Canada. Truth and Reconciliation encompass acknowledging the injustices and harms brought about by colonial policies and striving to construct respectful and harmonious relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities.

Throughout our journey, we were privileged to delve into the rich cultural heritage of Indigenous communities, their traditions, languages, and ways of life. Approaching these visits with an open heart and a willingness to listen and learn is crucial, as it facilitates a deeper understanding of the challenges and strengths that these communities encompass.

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